Online CV

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Online CV

Online CV is a minimal responsive Jekyll Theme to host a resume(CV) online.


Customizable theme

The theme can be customized just by changing few variables in _config.yml file.

Easy to edit the information

All the info-blocks used are sorted into separate items. So editing them would be very easy.


Here is a video guide

Installation instructions are given in the README file.

Default theme will look like this

online cv Jekyll theme

This theme is responsive.

online cv responsive Jekyll theme



The of different color schemes that can be achieved by changing style variables in the _config.yml file.

# Enable one of these styles by removing #
#style: styles-2
style: styles-3
#style: styles-4
#style: styles-5
#style: styles-6

online cv Jekyll theme

Remember, while developing locally, every change you make in _config.yml is applied only if you restart jekyll serve process.


Make changes to the master branch and create a pull request. Do not use gh-pages branch as it is used to host the theme.


MIT License

Demo Repository Download

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