WebJeda is a web designing company based in Bengaluru. Designing beautiful responsive and functional websites is our passion.


My name is Sharath and I’m the author of this blog. I had no plans to turn this passion for web designing into a business. But when you love what you do, why not do it for living?!

I have created this blog to help web designers to get started in the right way. Most of my content is on Jekyll blogging platform which can be used as a website builder!

I built WebJeda in 2014. I realised how easy it is to design websites using proper tools and knowledge. This blog would be a beginners guide for web designing. The first thing you notice on visiting my website is that it is minimal. I believe more decorations lead to distractions. So you don’t see any bells and rings - only content. The second thing you notice is that it is fast. Because of constant optimization and again no ‘bells and rings’.

As a web designer, one has to give attention to appearance, performance and accessibility which involves good looking template, website loading speed and ranking on search engines. I have discussed these aspects extensively in this blog. A website is designed not for the company but for its users.

I write things I have tried. It takes a reasonable amount of time to research, test, and test again on other platforms. Writing a tech article which deals with coding isn’t easy. It involves a lot of hard work. How do I get paid for this? I run Adsense on this blog.

I suggest you to use an Ad-blocker if you don't like those Download pdf, Click to Download kind of ads. As a reader, I don't like ads. Let me know whether I should keep Adsense running on this website.

There are a number of ways to reach out to me, a few are in the contact page.

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2nd March - Completely changed the layout. Removed menu bar. 13th December - Changed menu style to Hamburger. 28th September - Layout changes, reduced redundant code. 26th August - Removed popup subscribe box as Google is going to punish intrusive mobile popups. 2nd August - Moving to secure SSL. Now on, you will see a green padlock before my URL on browsers. 20th July - Added related posts and decreased layout width a little bit. 3rd June - Added 'disqus on request' button. 30th May - Reduced Fontawesome size to 10KB! 25th May - Sitemap link was replaced with Themes. A new Jekyll theme collection. 30th April - Some speed optimization and changed paragraph font to Source serif pro. 25th April - Changed paragraph font to Droid Serif and headlines to Helvetica. 13th April - Added Analytics Super Proxy to show page views on all my posts. Lost many views since I changed the URL of many posts. But Hey, I can show pageviews! 13th April - Added Table of Contents. 28th March - Removed emerald theme and self-designed the website.