Why did I start WebJeda?

Why did I start WebJeda?

While I was working in Cognizant Technology Solutions I always used to have a tab open on my internet browser - github.com. I had a learning period of two months in which I googled a lot and learned a lot about Github Pages.

While I was working on network security, I was also learning HTML, CSS and a little JavaScript. I used to implement the code I wrote, into Github Pages to see how it comes out. It was not always a positive result. I had to debug a lot and fix the code. That was the beginning of my journey towards Github.

Initially, I had to design a website for a friend. It was supposed to have all the details of her company, contact information and frequent updating of tournament results. It is actually a website for on-line chess coaching business. I created a website using Adobe Muse - which is a non-coders best friend. It was all good but I had a problem hosting it. I tried a free service called vlexo. It was good for a free service but it asked us to put a link back to their website on my website. And also, the response time was not so good. I was looking for an alternative since then.

Meanwhile, I used to see many .io website links in google search results which are strange for me back then. Once I open such links, I always used to find a minimal, aesthetically pleasing, and content oriented website.

I was curious to know how they did it. After some research, I later found out that they are hosted on Github Pages and are using Jekyll CMS. So I chose Github Pages (which is free) to host my website. It was all good but when it came to forms, I did not know how to make a form for static website. As a business, we had new parents contacting us through the form on our website asking about the details. Since forms did not work on Github, I moved the site to WordPress. It is still in WordPress - inapurichessworld

But by this time I had a good hang of Github Pages and Jekyll. So I started hosting my websites on it. I had realized (very late) that web designing is my passion. I kept on learning more html5, css and js. I never thought I can make it a business but I fully enjoyed making modern websites.

I have named it webjeda. Web means the world wide web and jeda means spider in my mothertongue.

Learning was always there. Even today I have something to learn every other day. I have seen people struggling to figure out how Github works. Maybe because it didn’t have easy-to-understand documents.

I have learned (learning) Github through many tutorials and documentation. I used Github for my personal projects. I have started making video lessons on Github Pages. I will tell you all about it in the next post.

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